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ZINE mockup 2.0

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ZINE mockup 2.0


I really love it when i can feel my own creativity. In particular, collect your work in a small ZINE. It's just unbelievable. But it happens, you know, it's very expensive. That's why I decided to make the second version of the ZINE mockup: better, bigger and more detailed.

I've seen enough mockups of magazines and most of them are just renderings and imitations. But this is not my approach. The second version, like the first, I created based on the existing and tangible. The full ZINE was scanned and transferred in detail to the mockup. I like the noise of paper, I like the grain, I like this warmth.

This mockup is definitely for those who appreciate warmth, atmosphere and aesthetics.

In addition to the mockup itself, which is represented by two files: large and small, the set has a small number of textures and displace maps. Why a little? It's simple. The mockup will be maintained and updated for a sufficient time, and new assets will be added.

Thank you so much for your attention and support. This is important to me. Enjoy using it!

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6 000 X 4 000 px
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3 000 X 2 000 px
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