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SQZ_zine_mockup // free zine mockup

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SQZ_zine_mockup // free zine mockup


Creating my first small zine that would combine the works of different authors became an obsession for me. What I can do first of all is to give the authors an opportunity to experience for themselves what it is like when your work appears on the pages of a small, but still a magazine.

Actually, this mockup was born. It was created completely from scratch: in fact, 3 different zines were created, sewn by me manually, and then scanned and converted to digital format.

Inside the mockup, you can find the front and back covers, 11 spreads, and 22 pages. There are several smart objects on each u-turn, and your work will be inside them. You can also paint any of the u-turns in any color you want.

Mockup in two versions:

free: front cover / 3 spreads / 6 pages / custom page color / 2 000px X 1 500px
full: front / back covers / 11 spreads / 22 pages / custom page color / 4 000px X 3 000px

Full mockup:


Market restrictions do not allow you to download a full package at once. For greater convenience, all products have an archive with all the detailed information:

- link to the pack in cloud storage;
- general information.

Thank you so much for your attention and understanding!

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