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SQZ_packaging / volume 1

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SQZ_packaging / volume 1


The first volume of this set includes two mockups for posters, magazines, and mini-zines. Mockups consist of a smart object for your work, a replaceable background, highlights, stickers, and the packaging texture itself. The resolution is 4 000 x 4 000 px and 300ppi, which gives a stock in the representation of your work.

It's time to take a little break from the big sets and never ending shots. This release will open a series of similar materials, and then, as you know, more.

Yes, the pack is completely free, but you can always support it with any amount — this will not only pay for supplies, but also create something unique and interesting in the future.

#DRKGLSS Viva the culture, BRU!


Market restrictions do not allow you to download a full package at once. For greater convenience, all products have an archive with all the detailed information:

- link to the pack in cloud storage;
- general information.

Thank you so much for your attention and understanding!

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