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I'm glad to introduce you to a new pack — Dr. Badass. This set is something I've been going for quite a long time. This is something that I wanted immensely to have at my disposal in order to create unique and atmospheric projects. I did it.

The set is designed so that when creating a work, you can only use these materials. By the way, the entire presentation is made exclusively with the materials of the set.

The entire pack consists of 4 parts:

- textures;
- brushes;
- displacement maps;
- a small number of gradients.

Texture is represented in the canonical halftone in high resolution. Including a small collection of glitch scans of various industrial, scientific and technical objects from publications of the 50-60s. All brushes and maps are handmade textures with a large percentage of experimentation.


- 55 elements;
- halftone;
- glitch scan;
- 10 000px X 10 000px;
- 600ppi/600.


- 22 elements;
- textures are handmade;
- resizable textures.

Displacement map:

- 16 distress elements;
- 10 fluid elements.


21 gradient. They will add an entourage and atmosphere to the project.

Project SAMPLE:

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SQZ_Dr. Badass

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